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Asset based loans are sometimes referred to as “Hard Money Loans”

. This means the loan is based off of the “Hard Asset” and not credit scores and DTI. This means we make sure you have the liquidity to be successful to make your payments, complete your draws, and sell or refinance the property. Since the asset is the main component, we are able to close 3 days from clear-to-close from the title company and an appraisal report. We always suggest that in your contract or special provisions you have something in the regard of "This property is to close on 'X Date' stated in the contract or 3 days from clear to close from title and appraisal report completed". You can do as many properties as you like as long as you can handle. paying on time and competing the draws for your property repairs.

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The Services We Provide


Buy Fix
& Sell

Buy, Fix, & Sell is also called "Flipping". When you are flipping the property you are looking to buy distressed or discounted properties, fix them up, then sell them. 100% financing options are available.


Buy Fix
& Rent

Similar to flipping, but this time after you repair the property, you are planning to hold it as a rental. Go over with your Jet team on short-term & long-term rental options and get your long-term quote for your refi with us.


Short-Term & Long-Term Rentals

No matter if you are purchasing or refinancing a property into a long-term loan, Jet Lending has the option for you on your short-term and long-term rentals. Asset Based and DSCR driven. 



5 Units+, Land, Industrial, Retail, Office, if its investment purposes, we may have the product for you. Short-term with and without repairs and long-term options available.


Transactional Funding

Funding just for wholesalers. This product is to be able to close the subject property between the seller (A), and the wholesaler (B), and the Wholesaler (B) and the Seller (C) on the same day at the same title company.


Large Balance Commercial

Any large project that is not owner occupied by residential means is something we can help give you options on. Have your executive summery and financials ready to see what we can do for your large balance project.



If you are looking to purchase large tracts of land or land that has at least a $100,000 value, we may have the product for you to get your purchase or refinance done.


New Construction

Do you own the land and need to refi to build? Do you like the build to rent model? Do you need help purchasing the land  as well? Let's get you some options to see what fits. We need to see a min of 5 new constructions deals in the past to qualify.

What Clients Are Saying

"You guys have been awesome! It was so simple to get money from you guys. Application was like 15 min process, got the deals done in about 2 weeks and we closed on 10MM in properties"

Mark Inyart

"the biggest thing form me was the communication. One time I called at 7:30-8:00 and Rob was eating dinner. Said he would finish and get back with me and he called me back 15 min later"

Tommie Barrett

"I started advertising with HomeVesters and got some deals quick and was worried how to finance them. Shortly after, I got the second deal, then the third deal and I said surely they are not going to finance three deals for some rookie and they said bring them all. Ten deals later here we are and excellent service every time. Deals are always quick and easy"

Brad Schmidt

"What really stood out to me was the communication and was willing to walk me through every step"

Shiloh Jorgensen

"Estamos súper agradecidos con el equipo de Jet Lending. Siempre nos mantuvieron al tanto de lo que se necesitaba y siempre estuvieron disponibles para atender el teléfono. Chelsea siempre estuvo disponible fuera de horario, hizo que mi esposo y yo nos sintiéramos muy bien. Dice mucho que siempre están disponibles para sus clientes."

Carla Sibaja

"You all closed fast.. communication was always responsive. Chelsea always gets back with me right away"

Alexis Walker

"this is now my 7th loan with Jet, you guys earned the name Jet Lending. I came to you with two weeks on the table to get something done form me and you got it done. When I need you,  you are always there for me"

Trey Wilkins

"I was working with another finance company prior to this and never closed any deals. I could never get anything done. I got with Rob's team and sent 3 deals on a Monday and we closed them the following Tuesday. We could have closed them Thursday or Friday, Jet was ready"

Eric Hays

"Within the last year we have purchased 5 properties with Jet Lending. The entire process with Jet Lending is amazing. We were very green, embarrassingly green and we had so many questions. I had a list of 30 questions and Rob answered all of them. I can't wait to double up next year"

Tabitha Bruce

"I was really surprised how easy the process was. It exceeded my expectations. Jet did a good job to let me know what I was getting into and overall a good process"

Nicholas Boehm

Joe Garcia goes over how we helped his investments grow by leveraging and buying more

"we were apprehensive and didn't know what to expect, but once we got into it, it was awesome"

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