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Dallas Continues To Climb Its Sales Price with a 30% Jump

Written By: Alex Buriak | July 20, 2022

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Our Dallas investors have seen the good and the bad with the prices that continue to climb. The bad? Well, investors took a sticker shock for some time on their initial purchase price and had to take more risk in the speculative market that prices would continue to climb to hedge their risk as they paid more and more for their distressed properties, fixed them up, and sold them with the trend.  The good? If you held real estate, even if it was just for a year or 2 since 2018 or 19, you saw some good appreciation on your portfolio. That's the key to growing your wealth, that hold and that appreciation. Cash flow is just icing on the cake, but the 30% jump in value on properties you are holding, thats your win. 

In June of 2022, the average property price went year-over-year in multiple counties in Dallas. The median home sales price rose to $426,000 and According to WFAA, "for the second straight month, the DFW housing market posted the largest increase nationally in the close-to-list price ratio."

Though these numbers are impressive, there is a 2022 decrease and a trend being seen as the market softens. The number of houses that are active are growing, the interest rates for mortgages climb, and there are fewer showings per listing. Well what does that mean? Remember the consumer market trails the actuals in both seller and buyer. That means as reality hits about a possible change in the market, you will still see the emotional, "I have to pay over listing" as a buyer or seller waiting for a ridiculous amount of offers for a bit. The trend hits and the consumers follow the trend after. What does that mean as an investor? You keep buying. 

Getting with a team of people to show you how to pivot in markets allows you to be profitable in all markets. Following trends and understanding where the market is going is just the data that allows you to see not only when to pivot, but how much and in what direction. As property values continue to climb as well as interest rates, you have to buy your flips deeper and try to start holding your properties more and more. As inventory goes down, price goes up, rates go up, so does the rental market. 

Well how do I do that? Call, text or email us. Let us show you that there are asset-based long term options for long and short-term rentals. Let us show you how you can invest in any market, up or down, and begin securing your business plan and wealth with what you're strategizing. 



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