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Dominique Ojeda

Correspondence Loan Manager

Dominique brings a wealth of experience to the Real Estate and Mortgage industry, with a journey that commenced in 2005. As a seasoned real estate agent, affectionately known as "Dom," she possesses a profound understanding of the intricate aspects of transactions, placing a paramount emphasis on surpassing the expectations of all parties involved.

Her background as an Underwriter has finely tuned her ability to assess loan applications with precision, ensuring a seamless process that leads to successful closures. Dom's guiding philosophy involves active listening, continuous learning, thoughtful education, and the flexibility to adapt to evolving situations.

In Dom's professional odyssey within the real estate realm, her heart beats in harmony with the goals and aspirations of each client. It's not merely about buying or selling; it's a collaborative journey to co-create narratives of home, investment, and achievement. Through this shared commitment, Dom finds fulfillment in transforming the real estate experience from a mere transaction into a deeply meaningful and rewarding chapter in the lives of those she serves.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Dom takes immense pride in being a grandparent to three beautiful grandchildren and a parent to two wonderful daughters. Their family boasts backgrounds in the military, first responder, victim support, and education fields. Despite her wealth of experiences, Dom remains youthful at heart, engaging in activities such as shooting hoops with her grandson, sailing, and embracing life's adventures with a daredevil spirit. Committed to community service, Dom actively volunteers, always ready to lend a helping hand.

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