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Jason Scanlon

Loan Originator

Jason has been in every aspect of property buying and rehabilitation process since he was 7 years old. With his love for properties, Jason obtained his Graphic Art's Degree from Pittsburgh Technical Institute which allowed him to excel in three dimensional drawings of all his projects to aid the process for his clients.  

Jason's experience in the rehabilitation industry includes owing a contracting company where he completed new home builds, reconstruction, and remodeling of properties for investors. 

Jason has over 10 years of experience in short-term and long-term Conventional, non-conventional and investment loans. He built his knowledge and his business to where he was doing 10MM+ loans a month for the last 5 years of his stay with his company.

Jason loves helping people obtain their real estate goals both in single family, multifamily and commercial projects. He is a firm believer in understanding what his customer needs to satisfy their investment goals.

Jason is a fitness enthusiast, amateur bodybuilder and has been studying the art of Muay Thai for 12 years. He brings his enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle into the ability to obtain a healthy investment strategy for his clients every day.

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