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Commercial Properties

5+ Multifamily, Industrial, Assisted Living, Flagged & Unflagged Hotels/Resorts, Retial, Office, Mixed Use, & C&I Loans

How Commercial Loans Works

Each commercial loan is unique, so more information is needed in the front end to see if we are the best fit for you. A basic executive summery going over your project plan, who you are, and your current finical status will help us determine quickly what we can do for you and calculate your available rates and terms. Experience in the space is required.
  • Multifamily, Industrial, Assisted Living, Flagged & Unflagged Hotels & Resorts, Retail, Office, Mixed Use, and C&I Loans (Receivables, Inventory & Equipment).
  • Anywhere in the Continental U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe.
  • Loans up to 75% on purchase and 70% on cash-out
  • US Residents & Foreign Nationals
  • Loan Amount Minimum $2MM
  • Min FICO 660
  • 1st Lien Position Only

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Director of Loan Operations
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Jet Team Assistant
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The Services We Provide



We will walk you through every step of the way. You will get emails and texts on the progress of your loan and what you need to close with a dedicated Team just for your deal.


Fast Evaluations

Your Jet Team will evaluate your projections and make sure you are in line with the market before you order appraisal within 24 hours.


Fast Closings

We will close your deal within 3 days of clear to close from Title and appraisal report review.



The speed of capital is is more important than the cost of capital. Let us make sure we can fund your deal fast and also make sure you are making the profits you expect. 

Helpful Videos and Always Check Out our Education Page for All Our Educational Content


What do Commercial Borrowers Say about Jet Lending's Process?

We get real investors, real stories, real success to go over how we help them achieve their goals.


More Testimonials on How Easy Our Process Is



Things to Ask Your Lender When Shopping for Asset Based/Hard Money Lending

Alex goes over a quick 5 min video on things to ask lenders when you are shopping for hard money/asset based lending.


Frequently Asked Questions on Commercial Properties

Hard Money is named since we lend off the Hard Asset and not your credit and income. It's based off the property you are trying to purchase or refinance. 

No, your credit just offers you what terms are available to you. We will pull a credit check to see how you pay other lenders back and what usable lines of credit you have to see how you can manage the project. Credit can effect the term of your loan. Short-term loans are more flexible than long-term loans. Longer term loans may require a min 650 credit score. 

We will close within 3 days of clear to close from title and appraisal review. Be careful on terms you see that do not have an appraisal requirement, its your one time when you can see what you buyer is going to see when they try to get a loan to buy your property. It's valuable information. Our loan amount is not dictated by the appraisal, but it's a 3rd party's perspective of the market that should be considered as you plan your strategy. 

Commercial deals are evaluated individually since these deals are so specific to what you are trying to accomplish. Within 24 hours of you providing your executive summary, we will get you a quote and terms to see if it meets your demands on how your project needs to be funded. 

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