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Transactional Funding

2 Closings, Same Day, Same Title Company

How Transactional Funding Works

When a contract cannot just be assigned, sellers will use what is called "Transactional Funding". Transactional Funding is a loan that allows the seller to close with the owner of the property and themselves (A to B) and the themselves and the buyer (B to C). This has to be done at the same title company on the same day. Watch this video to go over the math and how this loan works. Very little underwriting is needed for these transactions and brush up on Jet Lending products so you can use us for both loans so you are more in control of your closings. 

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The Services We Provide



We will walk you through every step of the way. You will get emails and texts on the progress of your loan and what you need to close with a dedicated Team just for your deal.


Fast Evaluations

Your Jet Team will evaluate your projections and make sure you are in line with the market before you order appraisal within 24 hours.


Fast Closings

We will close your deal within 3 days of clear to close from Title and appraisal report review.



The speed of capital is is more important than the cost of capital. Let us make sure we can fund your deal fast and also make sure you are making the profits you expect. 

Helpful Videos and Always Check Out our Education Page for All Our Educational Content

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Why Wholesalers & Agents Need to Know About Asset Based Lending & Finance

Whether you are a wholesaler or an agent, understanding how the financing works on is paramount to grow your business. Understanding how this works can really stop some frustration between you and the buyer, you and the title company, and you and the lender to make sure your closings go smoother. If you are a wholesaler or agent and you need to close within 3 days of clear to close from title,




Here are some basic guidelines on how to comp a property.

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Get Comfortable Evaluating a Deal

We go over some basics on how to evaluate deals that come in.

Frequently Asked Questions on Transactional Funding

Hard Money is named since we lend off the Hard Asset and not your credit and income. It's based off the property you are trying to purchase or refinance. 

No, your credit and even your liquid reserves do not come into play on this transaction. We will ask you for a copy of your accounts since its required for our bank lines to fund. Get with your team today and go over your deal.

In Texas, Yes. In Texas we are true Loan to Value without a Loan to Cost addition at closing. Outside of Texas, our terms are Loan to Cost with a max Loan to Value. Get with your team and we will walk through the numbers.

We will close within 3 days of clear to close from title and appraisal review. Be careful on terms you see that do not have an appraisal requirement, its your one time when you can see what you buyer is going to see when they try to get a loan to buy your property. It's valuable information. Our loan amount is not dictated by the appraisal, but its a 3rd party's perspective of the market that should be considered as you plan your strategy. 

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